Cremation & Funeral Alternatives

Find Closure with Cremation and Funeral Alternatives

Planning a traditional funeral ceremony can feel impersonal and overwhelming. At Affordable Burial & Cremation, we can help you lay your loved one to rest without the expense, complexity, and emotional toll of working with a funeral home.

Let Us Ease Your Burden

We offer a personal, dignified alternative to the conventional funeral planning process. We provide the following services:
  • Pre-arrangement: It can be stressful to make arrangements during the grieving process. We provide optional pre-arrangement to alleviate emotional hardship.
  • Documentation: We compile and compare all documents required for estate purposes. These documents comply with the Vital Statistics, Coroners, and Cemeteries Acts.
  • Transfer: We transfer your loved one's remains to the cremation or burial site. We can also provide transport to and from your chosen funeral venue or place of worship.
  • Containers for cremation and burial: We offer the largest selection of containers in Hamilton. You can lay your loved one to rest in a container that matches their personality and your budget.
  • Assistance: Our staff can suggest for you and your family to plan a memorial gathering, service, or mass. 

Cremation and Funeral alternatives in
all of the Golden Horseshoe Area.

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You may be burdened with grief, loneliness, or family responsibility in the wake of a loved one's passing.
You shouldn't also be burdened with the cost and difficulties associated with a traditional service.
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